Conscious Balanced Leadership

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Whether you’re talking about corporate America or Silicon Valley, it’s still a man’s world with masculine structures and women conforming to those ideals. Feminine traits and values are a new form of innovation. They are an untapped form of competitive advantage.
— John Gerzema (The Athena Doctrine)

What Is Conscious Balanced Leadership?

When we talk of leadership we often talk about it from a set of masculine values such as clarity, assertiveness, focus, direction order, discipline, structure, discernment, strength and convergence.  Today, leadership is calling for a conscious balance between masculine and feminine qualities.

Women have powerful capabilities to the leadership challenges we face, such as empathy, vulnerability, humility, inclusiveness, generosity, balance and patience. However, for decades, women have needed to embody only masculine principles to rise as a leader. Women and men of today are craving to learn how to be able to act in a flexible and balanced manner depending on the situation at hand that will allow themselves, their teams, and their business to thrive in a genuine way.

Conscious Balanced Leadership was created to meet this need by empowering women and men to lead powerfully and genuinely by consciously balancing their leadership style and learning how to work easefully with gender dynamics.

Our Two Programs


Conscious Balanced Leadership

This program is structured to bring leaders of any gender together to learn and implement the Conscious Balanced Leadership principles.

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Conscious Balanced Women’s Leadership

This program tailors the Conscious Balanced Leadership principles to the specific needs of women in the workplace. It provides the knowledge and support they need to succeed as leaders. 


Benefits For Your Organization

When your leaders adopt and embody Conscious Balanced Leadership values they will make decisions with more clarity, treat others with more empathy,  and lead from a more authentic place. Your organization will have a more effective, enjoyable, mission driven work culture.

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To learn more about how the Conscious Balanced Leadership experience can serve your organization, download our PDF.


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